All primary schools to adopt Linus program

All primary schools to adopt Linus program

All primary schools in Malaysia will adopt the Literacy and Numeracy Screening (Linus) remedial program for the English language in 2013.

nerdy boys readingLinus is part of the National Education Blueprint and is to ensure Malaysian children acquire basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills after three years of primary school education.

According to the Education Ministry's Curriculum Development Division deputy director, Shamsuri Sujak, the programme's initial success motivated the ministry to initiate the English equivalent of the Bahasa Malaysia programme.

"Linus 2.0 is part of the National Education Blueprint which was meant to allow students to overcome English literacy issues," he reportedly said on Friday.

"Students in year 1 to year 3 will be screened twice a year to determine if they are progressing in English literacy at the expected pace.

"Those who fall behind will be given remedial coaching until they catch up," Shamsuri said.

It is reported that the first screening would be carried out in September and 37 facilitators would be trained to provide support to the teachers involved.

"The teachers will receive special training that is tailored to ensure the best strategies are applied to assist the students in mastering the skills needed," he added.

Source: Linus in all primary schools next year

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