And Still Child Sex Predators Roam Among Us

And Still Child Sex Predators Roam Among Us

Do we DEAL with the problem, or do we just TRANSFER the problem

Yes, you read right. Child Sex Predators still roam among us.

Have you read about a primary school teacher who allegedly molested nine students, that only got transferred? I was baffled. I’m not even going to sugar coat it. People are already losing faith in government school’s standard of education. So now we even have to add “unsafe” school grounds to the list?

I can forgive safety issues with regards to outsiders coming into the school. But when alleged child sex predators and educators no less, are allowed to remain in schools, I question why this is even allowed!

Ministry of Education

The Star Online reported Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid saying that a total 15 cases of teachers molesting students were made between 2010 and October this year. The teachers involved had been transferred to other schools and were subjected to counselling and close monitoring.

It’s quite hard to ignore the number of angry response for that news article alone. We need those child sexual crimes law now. Without those laws including sexual grooming, it is not considered a crime until actual rape happens!

In the Mind of a Sexual Predator

I’m sorry if I am a little short on extending my grace to these child sex predators, but as a mother, my children’s safety is paramount. I will be frank. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and I don’t think they should be allowed to continue to teach or to be around children. I agree they should be monitored and given counselling but not transferred to another school to be tempted all over again.

It’s difficult for the average person to understand, but a true pedophile thinks that the child is a willing participant. He makes the child think this as well, and therein lies why children often do not report when they are abused.

The offender makes his/her victims feel complicit in the abuse, and as a result, the child most often feels it was his/her fault. The child feels shame, anger, embarrassment, guilt, confusion and often, utter hopelessness. Many victims feel that if they tell their stories, no one will believe them, especially when the perpetrator is someone revered. At the end of the day, a child is no match for a predator.     – modernmom

It is complicated and twisted, what goes on in the mind of a child sex predator. It is a very delusional path thinking that these children are willing participants. Preying on their innocence and grooming them is like a game to these predators.

Reader Comments

“This is getting ridiculous! You are just transferring the problem. How are you going to monitor him/her? Are you assigning an officer to follow this person during school hours or basing on periodic reports from the new school? The burden is now with the school.”

“Why transfer them to another school? These pedophiles should be sacked immediately and be charged for committing a hideous crime on the innocent children. In this case, these victims look up to their teachers for guidance and as mentors but instead they are now scarred for the rest of their lives. How are the authorities going to ” monitor ” these creepy crawlies 24/7?”

Suffice to say, the average Malaysian knows the quality and level of enforcement we get here. I’m sure nobody is convinced with how the monitoring is being done. Culture wise I still think this topic, although no longer as taboo as it was years ago, is still not one anyone ones to deal with. Not the schools, not the average Joe anyway. And it is a sad thing.

Do Something

While Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said and a team of Special Task Force on Sexual Crimes push for new laws to pass, we really need to be doing our part:

  • Do not stay silent anymore,
  • Do not treat sexual crimes as taboo or shameful,
  • Equip your children with skills and the self esteem to able to say no to things that them uncomfortable with,
  • Teach them about their private parts and how to protect them,
  • Above all else, to always tell, if anything has happened to them,
  • Pledge your support
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credit : Predator in My Phone

To date only 15 cases of Teachers molesting Students were reported from 2010. But what of the ones that happened but was never reported? What of victims that continue to carry the guilt of what happened to them? Should the victims stay oppressed?

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