Auspicious dates for the New Year

Auspicious dates for the New Year

Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS) predicts the auspicious dates for weddings or to give birth.

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Auspicious DatesMINGS president Professor Joe Choo said that auspicious dates for weddings, giving birth or to start up a business for the Year of the Snake are Feb 11, April 12, Aug 10, Oct 9 and Dec 8.

Auspicious Dates

The Year of the Snake begins on February 10, the first day of Chinese New Year.

For businesses resuming after the New Year, Choo says that the best date to start is February 17.

Although February 17 falls on a Sunday, she recommends that you go into the office to make your wishes for the year ahead.

“It is still favourable to start work the following day, which is Febrary 18,” said Choo during the MINGS 2013 “Outlook Talk Twists and Turns in the Year of the Snake.

Lucky industries

Industries which are likely to do well in the Year of the Snake are those related to the water, wood and metal elements.

Insurance, finance, journalism, education as well as metal and mineral-related businesses are said to do well.

Unfortunately, industries related to the earth and fire elements, such as property, construction, paint and telecommunication may not fare as well.

Lucky and unlucky colours

She also predicts that blue, green and purple outfits will be the “lucky colours” for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

It is said that blue is the most favourable colour because it represents the “water” element. However, the colours red and yellow, which represent fire and earth respectively, was said to be the least favourable colours for the Year of the Snake.

These lucky colours aren’t only for clothes. You can apply it to when you buy a car or even when you choose accessories for your mobile phone.

“You could even paint a small portion of your home in one of these colours,” said Choo, adding that the colours would attract good luck.

A “comfortable year” for Malaysians

Feng Shui master and founder of MINGS, Master David Koh, said that 2013 would be a “comfortable year” for Malaysians

What do you think of the predictions for the Year of the Snake? How do you prepare for Chinese New Year? Comment below.



Feng shui experts predict 'lucky colours' for Snake year

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