Best iPhone/Android apps for toddlers

Best iPhone/Android apps for toddlers

Check out our list of the best iPhone/Android apps to entertain and educate your toddler! These apps are designed especially for toddlers so that their little fingers can reach out, touch and explore.

Best iPhone/Android apps for toddlers

Check out our list of the best iPhone/Android apps for toddlers!

Best iphoneandroid apps for toddlers

Your child’s education doesn’t have to stop after school. Apps can be one more tool in your toddler entertainment kit for the long car rides, plane trips, or airport layovers that come with holiday travel. If you are thinking about introducing your toddler to a smartphone or tablet, download these apps first. Designed for toddlers, these apps entice little fingers to reach out, touch and explore.

While selecting the best apps for kids, theAsianparent Malaysia looked at some basic criteria that you and your family might also consider before downloading an app.

• Every app we tested had be age-appropriate for toddlers.
• We also considered whether the app allowed parents to participate in, or at least oversee, whatever their kids were doing  onscreen.
• In addition, even if the apps were designed to do nothing more than keep kids busy while you’re in line at the store, there had to be some positive or educational element to them.

Check out these fun and kid-friendly iPhone applications to keep your tot busy and learning on the go.

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Tozzle- Toddler’s Favorite Puzzle

A drag and drop shape puzzle made especially for toddlers. It keeps your toddler entertained and helps in improving shape recognition and motor activity at the same time. Choose from 35 different puzzle pictures, all including funny sound effects. There is a free light option with a few puzzles, but we bet you’ll want the full version.

The pictures cover a wide range of subject matter, including animals, transportation, the alphabet, food, and holidays and celebrations. Bonus – you can choose to run Tozzle in English, Spanish, French or German. So now you can concentrate on driving while your child has fun with Tozzle!

Ages:  2-5
Price: $2.00
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Baby Games My First Shapes

The only fully customisable app of its kind! Parents can pretty easily add their own sounds and pictures to existing objects or new ones — bilingual families will probably get the most out of this feature.

There’s no scoring. Kids simply hit “Play” on the title page and they’re off and it will keep on going until parents shut it off or kids wander off to do something else.  Parents can even change the error and success sounds kids hear as they play.

Ages: 2– 4
Price: $0.99
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Learn To Talk

The Learn To Talk app is an award winning, educational tool. It  facilitates language development and teaches toddlers basic vocabulary skills. It uses both sight and sound to teach toddlers basic vocabulary and early language skills.

The app features 160 highly interactive, bright flash cards designed to engage and motivate tots to acquire the basics of language and communication, all with the simple swipe of the screen. Best of all, Learn To Talk was developed by a nationally certified speech pathologist to teach all children, including those with developmental or learning disabilities, the basic tools needed for language formulation, language processing, and grammar.

Ages: 1-3
Price: Free
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Toca Train

Toca train is basically a 3D virtual train toy for toddlers. Once started, a beautiful 3D countryside landscape is displayed and you zoom in to a train. The game does not encourage competitiveness in any way and does not have a specific target to be achieved.

The child gets to take the driver’s position and experience the ride from 1st person point of view. The child also gets to stop the train on cargo or passenger stations to load and unload people and goods. The smart interface leads to a very frustration-free user and a very happy father. It has top notch 3D graphics, zero glitches, colorful scenery, and a very smart user interface.

Ages: 2½ – 4
Price: $1.99
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Kidzongs – Preschool sing-along fun

Share the songs you loved as a child with your children and experience anew the sheer delight of a child’s earliest musical encounter. This application isn’t high-tech at all. It’s a simple sing-a-long for your child, featuring six different songs, complete with an animated lyrics page. All music is played using acoustic instruments.

Six songs for the price of one. Children will love listening to the songs with the fun vocal track or they can sing-along by themselves. It also encourages early reading and exploration.

Ages: 2-5
Price: $1.00
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Tally Tots

Your child willl learn how to count from 1- 20 using this interactive counting game that turns numbers into action and learning into a whole lot of fun. Whether they’re feeding chipmunks, picking apples or racing cars around the track, with plenty of fun and laughter to keep your tot entertained. Each number has a different mini-game for the little ones to play. Great sounds and animations.

Ages: 2-5
Price: $2.99
Platform: iPad / iPhone/Android

Don’t hesitate to let us know which apps did you download and which apps your kids loved the most? Got any other favorites? Let us know about them in the comments right below.

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