5 powerful women behind the successful careers of these Bollywood parents!

5 powerful women behind the successful careers of these Bollywood parents!

From managing script-reading sessions to meeting a filmmaker, and signing endorsements, the celebrity managers do it all for these celeb parents

In an industry that thrives on youth and godfathers, a celebrity manager can be an actor's best weapon. They are not just their 3am friend, but have also seen them through their highs and lows; and know them in and out.

After all, talent can only take one so far. It is clever business acumen and quality talent management that helps these Bollywood celebrities maintain their stardom. This is where the celebrity managers work their magic!

From managing script-reading sessions to meeting a filmmaker, from managing the star at award functions to signing endorsements, and handling even their personal vacations and luxury trips. A celebrity manager does it all.

And while the numbers of these female celebrity managers are now increasing thanks to their extraordinary talent, most celeb parents also prefer them so they can devote time to their families and especially their children.

In fact, we profile 5 of these powerhouse women who have managed to help these celebrity parents enjoy a little family time, thanks to their superb managerial skills.

#1 Poonam Damania


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Soon-to-be mum Kareena Kapoor Khan and her manager Poonam Damania are said to be extremely close, with the later often joining her for her personal trips as well. It is in fact, this close personal relationship that has helped the Begum develop a sense of complete trust and reliability towards Damania.

So when the two are not jetting off together on a personal trip, the celebrity manager is busy dousing fire and unnecessary chatter about her star boss.

#2 Binky Mendez


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Akin to her perfectionist and unconventional boss Aamir Khan, Binky Mendez likes to be just as organised. She is supposedly warm and gentle with others and manages almost everything about the actor's life.

If it isn't picking up his wife from the airport, then it is managing his personal and professional diary. In fact, Khan has often admitted that he is quite dependent on Mendez's excellent managerial skills.

No wonder then Khan himself manages to do everything so very perfectly, after all he has the best team behind him!

#4 Zenobia Kohla

Quite recently for a promotional contest Akshay Kumar revealed that his secretary Zenobia Kohla, is a "very efficient" person. In fact, he even shared a picture of them together to announce the same to all his followers.

In an interview about her work with her star boss Kohla said, “We have to be very particular about the nitty-gritty of time and date. Consider this: right from the business manager asking us to allot dates for a certain project, a producer requesting for a meeting to a journalist coming for an interview, we have to be sure about all the time slots. Otherwise, it might lead to chaos. But since Akshay sir is very specific about his timings, it always gives me a high to work with him."

No wonder then Kumar manages to steal quality family time!

#4 Karuna Badwal and Pooja Dadlani


Our years are recalled by the films we make that year!! super Happy memories of HAPPY NEW YEAR.Thank you again team HNY!!

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For a man of his stardom, it is befitting that Shah Rukh Khan's large number of professionals engagements be managed by two powerful women. Karuna Badwal and Pooja Dadlani are the two forces who power his professional diary.

While Badwal has worked with King Khan for more than seven years and also recently turned co-producer for his film Chennai Express, Dadlani is perhaps a fairly new entrant into the Khan entourage.

But both the ladies together make sure that Khan's professional diary is managed well and he is easily accessible. With two women on the job, we bet it becomes easier for King Khan to spend more time with his bubs at home.

#5 Anjali Atha

It is no secret that Hrithik Roshan loves to spend time with his sons Hridhaan and Hrehaan. But this is only made possible when his work allows him to squeeze that quality time out for his kids. That's when Anjali Atha works her magic and gets this done, pronto.

In an interview to Mid-Day she recently stated, "The best part of my job is being responsible for Hrithik Roshan. He’s a brilliant actor and a major superstar in country." She also mentions that the driving force of her job is "the split-second decisions and choosing what is best for the actor..."

No wonder then this efficient and disciplined celebrity manager is able to organise Roshan's time so well.

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