Cute Ways To Track Your Baby Bump

Cute Ways To Track Your Baby Bump

One of the most fascinating things about pregnancy is watching your body change. Here are some cute ways to track your baby bump!

One of the most fascinating things about pregnancy is watching your body change. It is really amazing how our bodies grow to accommodate our little ones. Watching your body change week by week is something to be celebrated and feel proud of. If you are looking for some creative ideas to commemorate each milestone, here are some cute ways to track your baby bump:



By The Design Confidential 

Go old school with a chalkboard that you can use to track your pregnancy and the growth of your baby once they arrive! You can include cute little facts like the size of your baby, or how you are feeling, along with how far along you are.

One Dress 

one dress

By The Stephens Family

This is a great way to display how much your body is changing and makes for a good-looking collage as well. Find a top and bottom or dress that should fit for 9 months and take a photo with it every week or month. This blogger's sweater dress started out as a dress, and ended up as a sweater!




This is a super simple one that anyone can do! All you have to do is hold up fingers to show what month you're in. Outfit and filter choice is up to you. Easy and cute!

Fruity Tooty 



Did you know that your baby is only as big as a blueberry in the beginning? Then she grows into a lime, then an apple and then a melon! This is a charming way to show not just how far along you are but the actual size of your baby as well.

All Hands on Deck 



If you have older children, this is a great way to get them in on the fun and excited about the new baby. Have them hold up a sign or a board, better yet, let them write out the weeks or months for you! This way they'll feel included right from the start.

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