How to develop your child's intelligence

How to develop your child's intelligence

IQ tests are not the best measure or predictor for any child. Instead, follow these 5 simple steps to develop your child's intelligence!

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Dr Chong Shang Chee, from the University Children's Medical Institute in National University Hospital said: "IQ is not the best measure or predictor for everyone or for success."

Dr Staunton, a cognitive psychologist, agreed, saying that parents should take their child for an IQ test only if they suspect he or she has learning difficulties. She explained that all intelligence tests have a margin of error and need to be interpreted in relation to each individual child.

How to develop your child's intelligence

Dr Staunton went on to identify 5 things parents can do to help develop their child’s intelligence:

1) Teach your child to approach things in a systematic, or step by step, manner.
2) Encourage your child to group similar items together so he or she can learn to discuss and explain their similarities and differences.
3) Teach your child to follow instructions.
4) Show your child how to complete patterns.
5) Develop your child's language skills by reading to him and asking him questions.

Have you tried any of these simple tips? What do you think?

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