Lose your baby weight for good

Lose your baby weight for good

There is no magic pill for losing post-pregnancy pounds. Try it slowly but surely with the help of these tips.

Malaysian mum playing with son outdoorsCongratulations! It’s a bouncing baby boy/girl. Now, the question is: how to lose your baby weight for good and feel good about yourself? Here are easy and realistic tips from professionals to help you regain your pre-pregnancy figure (and self-confidence) and let it stay that way.

Set an achievable goal

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to force yourself to fit into your favorite skinny jeans overnight. Different women have different metabolism and bodily reactions after giving birth so keep in mind that what works for others might not work for you and vice versa.

Make your own version of an exercise routine

You may have heard other moms say, “Oh, this baby workout regime really burned off all those fats! But what if it won’t work for you because you do not have access to a baby-friendly gym or you cannot afford a Pilates instructor? Whatever limitations you have – no time or little energy – the most important thing is to be more active. Moms are fabulous multitaskers so start small like:

  • Putting the diaper changing station at the farthest side of the nursery or even in the upstairs bedroom so there is no excuse to move back and forth.
  • Even when you’re stuck indoors all the time, have a dance party with your baby while playing your choice of music in the background. It’s a great way to entertain your baby, lift up your mood, and get rid of those belly fats.
  • As soon as you can take your baby out on a stroller, make it a regular habit – whether you are going down the grocery store, window shopping, or just having that early morning sunshine boost.

Embrace breastfeeding

This is the best nourishment you can give for your little one. But it is also one of the best techniques to lose your baby weight for good even at the comforts of your home.

Watch what you eat

Nutrient rich, energy-boosting meals are what you need to provide you with the minimum 1,500-calorie intake if you are not breastfeeding and 2,200-calorie intake if you are breastfeeding.

Drink plenty of water

It gets you well hydrated and fills you so you won’t have to make regular rounds to the refrigerator.

Keep off temptations

Even chronic snackers can find success in this area. Out of sight, out of mind is the secret.  And if you really are dying for something sweet or savory, buy a single portion size or a lower calorie version of your favorite snack item.

Do not go on an extreme diet plan

Going through that labor and delivery is quite strenuous already. Losing weight by engaging in a strict diet can deplete you the energy you need to recover and nurse for your baby. You want to feel good about yourself but you cannot achieve that if you deprive yourself of eating nutritious meals. It will just worsen your mood swings and you cannot focus on the miracle of life that is right in front of you. Getting the 1,500 to 2,200 recommended calories is what you need at least until the baby turns eight weeks old. Afterwards, you can slowly cut out 500 calories a day to stave off those pounds safely and naturally.

Have an excellent support system

It can be your hubby or other new moms in your community. Walk to the grocery store instead – if that won’t derail your hectic schedule. If you need cheering up, have a jogging date instead of a finger food party in front of the TV. Keep regular tabs of what you eat throughout the day and give yourself a nice reward when you know you have adhered to it religiously.

Get plenty of sleep

It might seem impossible with the erratic baby schedule you have but it will help you stay away from bingeing on sugary and high-calorie foods.

Wardrobe makeover

Keep an eye for a new wardrobe. It is a powerful tool to help you go the extra mile when you are about to give up.

Stay positive!

Adopt a positive view all the time. When you see supermodels and famous celebrities donning their skinny jeans after four weeks of giving birth, cut yourself some slack. There is no reason to compare and then start sulking in a corner. Look how far you have come so you can stay focused in your goal – at your own pace, in your own way to lose your baby weight for good!



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