What does it take to make your child brilliant?

What does it take to make your child brilliant?

All parents are curious about their child’s potential. What will they become when they grow up? What will they excel in? Read on to find out how Wyeth Nutrition has helped parents across Malaysia explore their child’s brilliance in a fun way.

Have you ever wondered how to develop your child's brilliance? What does it do to make children perform well and excel in what he / she does?

At the very basic level, there are two key things to do in their quest to develop their child's brilliance: firstly, by helping them find their brilliance among their talents and passions, by providing children with their nutritional building blocks. brains and bodies require.

How to Develop Your Child's Brilliance?

Nutrition is key because children need the right amount of nutrition in their diet to achieve optimal mental and physical growth. For example, growing children need important nutrients like DHA, lutein and choline for the proper development of their learning faculties.

how to make your child brilliant

DHA is an important building block for eye and brain development in infants. Lutein supports eye development, while Choline helps support overall mental functioning. In fact, children who consume higher DHA, choline and lutein together show two qualities: they develop higher short-term memory and gain enhancement in mental processing abilities.

Similarly, parents play a key role in finding and nurturing the capabilities of a child, be it fostering children's language development or numeracy skills or physical strength. You are your child's tutor, advisor, drill sergeant and number one cheerleader.

Research has shown "positive associations between parent involvement and academic achievement". A recent meta-analysis by Fan and Chen (2001) found "moderate associations between parent involvement and an array of learning-related or academic skills, such as achievement motivation, task-persistence, and receptive vocabulary, during preschool and kindergarten."

Brilliance Playschool - Nurture Your Child's Brilliance

Wyeth Nutrition's S-26 Gold Progress, a two-key component of nurturing brilliance in children (organized a road show across Malaysia dubbed "Brilliance Playschool."

Held in July-August 2018, the road show for the three Malaysian cities (Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru and Penang) to give parents the opportunity to explore their child's brilliance through fun and technology. 

Tailored specifically to two-to-seven-year-olds, Brilliance Playschool promoted Malaysian parents to explore their little one's brilliance!

Each child needed to discover where they are taught at five stations at Brilliance Playschool:

1. Number Station: This is the first station and where children are played with logic puzzles on the screen that challenged their cognitive and logical development. Each child received a score when playtime was up.

how to make your child brilliant

2. Physical Station: Little ones that were evaluated on their Kinect Interactive Wall physical skills through especially designed to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

how to make your child brilliant

3. Word Station: Here, children played word-based games and puzzles using augmented reality technology . The system is rated them based on their performance.

how to make your child brilliant

4. Art Station: This station is evaluated if a child has a strong interest in visual arts, an ability to visualize, and a vivid imagination. Here, children explored their creative potential with 3D projection mapping, designed for creative expression and fine motor skills.

how to make your child brilliant

5. Brain Dome: This is the final stop in the journey of "brilliance" discovery. Here, parents could find out where their kid's brilliance lay with an immersive projection show. This is calculated and synced the results from the previous four stations to reveal their little one's brilliance and area of ​​interest.

6 . Virtual Reality Station: Parents and children take a journey with virtual reality at this station to learn about how DHA, Choline and Lutein work together to support brain development.

how to make your child brilliant

Free Gifts!

Each child who completed his / her journey across all the stations was received a personalized Brilliance t-shirt to take home.

The Nutrition Your Child Needs

Through this journey, the Brilliance Playschool gave parents an idea for where their child's brilliance lay: Was it in maths, art, language skills or physical abilities?

At the end of the whole exercise, their parents only known the area of ​​excellence, but also the recognition of its importance through the year by serving a strong foundation for learning starting with their children's nutrition.

During the activities, parents and children have the opportunity to taste PROMISE® S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® which provide a scientifically-advanced blend of nutrients, including higher DHA, choline and lutein to help boost a child's learning abilities.

Mums and dads, do you attend this event or not, you must remember that all children have the ability to shine. It all depends on how they find their talent and nurture.

Missed the event? No worries, find out your child's brilliance with the Brilliance Strength Finder Tool now! Take the test here . Also, read more about how nutrition helps to nurture your child's brilliance here .

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