8 Kid Friendly Restaurants In Kuala Lumpur, You Definitely Need To Try!

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We perused our forum and found these suggestions of dining places around the K.L/P.J area that you can take your little one to.

Eating out is something all kids look forward to, so we at theAsianparent asked around in parenting groups to find out kid friendly restaurants in and around KL. And yes, fast food joints are extremely kid-friendly but we are sure you don’t really want to stuff your face with a burger every weekend.

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Before you argue that eating at home cuts cost(especially today) think of the advantages dining out has. Your child can put to practice table etiquette. He/ She will start to feel important at the table, sitting with Mummy and Daddy, napkin on lap. This experience of dining out also gives your child something to talk about among peers and he/she will feel that Mummy and Daddy trust him/her enough to care to do this.

Now that you are sold on the idea of dining out, where do you go? We perused our forum and found these suggestions of dining places around the K.L/P.J area that you can take your little one to.

Piccolo Mondo

In the mood for Italian? Then this is the place to go! Located at Mid Valley Megamall, Piccolo Mondo provides a Bambino (Italian for children) and servings are done in delightfully colourful plates, cups and cutleries.

The Marche @ The Curve

Marche (French for market) has a selection for families with young children, providing them with colourful chairs and tables. There is also a small play area which kids can enjoy.


Located inside Plaza Mont Kiara, this place prides itself with healthy food. This place comes equipped with a play area that will leave big smiles on your kids’ face!


Located on the third floor of KL City Center, Chili’s will make your mouth water with the Southwestern Eggrolls, Boneless Buffalo Wings and Big Mouth Bites. There are also choices for your little one with Chili’s Kids’ Menu!


Mud pie, mud pie, you must try! That’s right, T.G.I.F’S mud pie will leave you and Junior smacking your lips and craving for more!


What’s the point of the list if IKEA’s not going to be up? The ball room is a realm that will stir any creative mind into coming up with crazy ideas which will promise endless fun.

Brass Ladle

Brass Ladle in Damansara Perdana has a play corner that will having you edging to join your little one.

Taiwan Kocha at Burmah Road

If you want your child to enjoy his dining experience outside, he should be able to feel comfortable in order to enjoy. Taiwan Kocha provides colourful plates and cutleries to aid your child in settling in for a meal of delicious food.


For kid friendly restaurants in KL, check out KL kid friendly restaurants - Part 2.


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