Milo, soya bean and durian to increase breastmilk

Milo, soya bean and durian to increase breastmilk

One of our readers share how she increases her milk supply by drinking Milo, soya bean, and by eating durian. Yes, durian! Find out what this first time mum has to say about breastfeeding her 6-month-old.

Milo, soya bean and durian to increase breastmilktheAsianparent reader, Sue Song is a first time mum to a baby girl who has just turned 6 months old. Sue, who is also a working mum, agreed to share some helpful tips and advice from her experience with breastfeeding her daughter.


1.              How long did you breastfeed for?

6 months exactly today and still going for at least till baby is 1-year-old.


2.              Why and when did you stop breastfeeding?

Not yet.


3.              What kind of diet do you follow when you are breastfeeding?

Just a regular diet without missing any meals where possible.


4.              What supplements did you take to increase milk supply?

Organic Milkmaid tea occasionally, Milo regularly and boosters like soya bean, durian as and when.


5.              How did you deal with breast engorgement?

Pumping or direct latching regularly.


6.              Who did you turn to for breastfeeding advice?

The breastfeeding advocates network (TBAN) has been an invaluable source along with friends who are recent mothers.


7.              How do you feel about public breastfeeding?

Firstly more education and awareness is needed for general public to understand and appreciate the benefits of breastfeeding instead of relying on formula. As for doing it in public, using a nursing cover I know many mummies have done it successfully.


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