10 Preschooler Lunch Ideas

10 Preschooler Lunch Ideas

Lunch ideas for your picky preschooler which are so easy to prepare and uses daily staple ingredients that are probably already in your fridge.

Remember my previous post on interesting snack boxes? Let's cover lunch for picky eaters this time, because I know some of you will certainly share my sentiments.

My eldest could eat anything porridge for lunch and dinner and never complain when she was a toddler. But as she grew older and was exposed to various food, she developed a more delicate palate. However, I do count my blessings because she loves her greens.

So staying at home a lot gave me plenty of time to mull over what to prepare for the day. My fridge is always a mix of staples for the week so I try to make her food cute and appealing. What I have done isn't quite bento style, but it certainly is bento inspired.

1. Japanese Chicken Katsu curry with Bario rice. I bought the mildest kind.

kid size chicken katsu curry

2. Air fried chicken drumstick, home-grown organic Kailan stir fry on a bed of rice and a portion of sliced strawberries


3.Pak Choy, carrots, pan seared shrimp, air fried fish fingers and rice


4, Pan seared salmon, blanched baby corn, rice, a wedge of orange, and a bottle of reduced sugar vitagen


5. Red and white rice mix, cauliflower pan fried with shitake mushrooms, egg omelette rolls and a slice of pan seared salmon


6. Egg noodles, pan fried cauliflower, pan seared salmon and green kiwi slices


7. Bear shaped pasta stir fried with carrots and four point beans, chicken breast cubed, and one quail's egg


8. Pak Choy, pan seared chicken breast, rice, and stir fried baby corn


9. Air fried chicken drumstick, homemade fries and a serving of endamame


10. Home made chicken nuggets, seaweed rice, cherry tomato halfed, blanched broccoli and cauliflower,


I'm sure a lot of you would think, wow what a waste to use things bit by bit. Actually there is no wastage at all and bento preparation can be quite fun. All portions are portioned to her eating capacity and all I did was portioned out what similar food we were also having for the day.

The trick is in the meal planning, portion control and your own creativity. Do browse through Pinterest for various bento inspirations and if you need step by step videos, there are plenty on YouTube as well. As usual, with all things bento related, head on over to your nearest Daiso outlet to purchase all the tools.

Good luck and happy trying!

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