Malaysian mumpreneur of 3 believes every mum can live up to their own potential

Malaysian mumpreneur of 3 believes every mum can live up to their own potential

"I am concerned children today will not have the tools to overcome a future society. I want to develop them into adults who have the emotional and spiritual maturity to be able to handle good and bad circumstances in life."

Being a mum who primarily looks after your own children is a very commendable feat. It takes dedication and is a whole lot of sacrifice in itself, even if it may be a sacrifice any mum would gladly shoulder. theAsianparent Malaysia speaks with Judith Leow, a mother of 3 and a mumpreneur.

We asked her parenting questions and tips on how she manages to juggle a successful business and being a mother of 3 at the same time.

Judith Leow have been married for almost 12 years and have a 10 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old.

Primarily, she looks after the household and 3 kids. But she also runs an Australian property marketing business and also a henna and herbal scalp treatments salon called Eka Roots Hair And Scalp Wellness.

A small scale homely salon in a bungalow on Jalan Maarof Bangsar and situated next to Suen Jewellers, it is great for new mums who may be losing hair post delivery.


How the Salon Business Started

The salon business started  by accident. One day when she was holidaying in Sabah a close friend called and told her a place that she goes to for hair care was closing down as the owner was not feeling so well. Her friend suggested that they buy over the business and move it to their current location. Two weeks later, Eka Roots Hair and Scalp Wellness was set up with complete with all the equipment and staff. They have since, improved on products and services and clients of the old hair care centre followed over.

Support System

Fortunate to have the wonderful support system of her parents who are very hands on and a nanny who has been with her for 10 years, they have been her support system thus far. Everyone at work was also very supportive of her busy schedules including breastfeeding pumping schedules when she was breastfeeding.


When asked how she keeps a balanced life, she relied, "I think balance is relative. I used to think balanced is having “me” time to go partying with friends and to go to the gym. Now I think balanced is to balance work and family time. Gym time is mostly now replaced with taking the kids swimming and kicking around a football with my son."

Cheerful, and sociable, she still goes out with friends once in a while. Her colleagues in both businesses have become firm and fabulous friends. On a day to day basis she tries to spend equal time at work and with the kids to help them with school work. She makes sure they eat, she makes time to talk to them about their day, and tuck them in every night.



What Keeps Her Going

"Most mornings I submit my day to God and ask Him to bless my household and my work. When things get difficult I have faith that I can do anything through God who strengthens me. I think it really makes a difference to my day and how things just work out at the end of each day."

Of course she misses sleeping in, but there is no giving up. She likes to live by the thought that she is God's channel to bless her husband, her children and just generally people around her. In turn, she feels blessed.

Being there for her children is important to her. She is concerned that children today will not have the tools to overcome a future society. She wants to develop her children into adults who have the emotional and spiritual maturity to be able to handle good and bad circumstances in life.

Confinement and Breastfeeding Advice for Future Mums?

"I think the period of confinement should be termed a period to lock yourself up at home not for the purpose of looking after yourself but getting to know your baby. For first time mums I think that’s the difficult part. It’s a month of “Ok Baby, its you and I. I am going to keep myself happy and healthy so I can look after you and learn to love you for the rest of your life”. It should be seen as a wonderful period of bonding."

The caretaker of the new mother (either confinement lady, house cleaner, grandmother or new daddy) should focus on looking after the new mother to encourage her to have the right physical and emotional state to bond with the baby and ensure breastfeeding is well established. Looking after the new mother for long term beauty and health is secondary and will happen and flow along.

Best advice from her mum during confinement month : “sleep when the baby sleeps”.

As for breastfeeding, have a mentor to call on because encouragement is key.

  • Be disciplined in pumping at regular intervals and time frames your body is used to. Even when there is no milk, pump as usual during the baby’s feeding times.
  • There is no short cut. No young papaya nor fenugreek can outdo baby’s natural hunger call and pumping is meant to duplicate it.
  • When in the office, have the caretaker send fresh photos or videos of the baby throughout the day. Maternal feelings really aids letdown.
  • The ability to produce breastmilk is mostly in the mind.
  • Above all, drink lots and lots of liquids!

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