Reflexology To Sooth A Crying Baby

Reflexology To Sooth A Crying Baby

Reflexology is an age-old Chinese medical practice that treats a variety of ailments; it can also help you to sooth a crying baby!

Reflexology is an age-old Chinese medical practice that treats a variety of ailments by applying pressure to specific points in the body and areas on the feet, hands or ears. It's like a little massage. Reflexologists believe that these areas and points correspond to different body organs and systems and pressing them can benefit a person's health and help to heal certain ailments.

Certainly this practice is well and alive in Kuala Lumpur where you can find many reflexology centers and people who claim that reflexology healed their constipation, insomnia, back pain and contributes to their continued good health.

Now the good news for parents is: Reflexology could help to sooth a crying baby!


A baby is very responsive to physical touch and reflexology is natural and non-invasive, so you can try it out on their little feet first. The guide above shows their body parts, and which area of the baby’s feet affect them.

Head or Teeth

Teething time can be really tricky! Try rubbing the tips of their little toes to help reduce the pain, and also for treating health issues that occur above the neck like ear infections.


Applying pressure to the center of a baby's toes can help reduce the severity of sinus problems like runny or blocked noses. It's NOT a cure, but can make the symptoms more bearable.


The chest area is at the ball of your feet, above the arch. Reflexology on this area relieves congestion in the chest rather than sinuses, so you can try it for chronic coughs or colds that cause phlegm to build up. Studies find reflexology to be very effective at reducing all forms of congestion!

Upper & Lower Abdomen

The entire arch of the foot corresponds with the abdomen, with the upper arch indicating the upper abdomen and lower arch, the lower abdomen. For the upper abdomen, reflexology can help with digestive issues like bowel obstruction and heartburn. For the lower, reflexology can help with constipation and bloating.


Babies can get tight muscles and posture issues too, which can cause your baby pelvic discomfort. Try applying pressure to the heel area of the foot to alleviate it.

Keep in mind though, that although reflexology can help alleviate symptoms like congestion, it is not a cure and should not replace proper medical attention. It is simply meant to comfort your baby, and y0u as well, during periods of pain and stress.

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