What Is Sound Bath & Why You Should Try It

What Is Sound Bath & Why You Should Try It

A sound bath is a figurative interpretation where only your senses will be bathing in an immersive experience of sound. Here are the benefits!

If you’re new to the concept then know this, you’re not actually bathing. Instead of a literal interpretation, think along the lines of a figurative interpretation - only your senses will be bathing in an immersive experience of sound.

If you’re hesitating to grasp the idea of a sound bath, learn more about it’s benefits to understand why you need a sound bath!

Sound Healing Around The World

Regardless of when or where in the world, every culture utilises sound as a tool for healing, physically and meta-physically. In Malaysia and Indonesia, there’s the gamelan or similar variations of the gong. In Tibet and Nepal, it’s the infamous Himalayan singing bowl. In fact, the earliest bowl dates back 3,000 years ago to the Bronze Age. If you’re thinking it’s just in Asia, think again!

In Ancient Greece, it was believed that music could cure mental disorders whereas in Ancient Egypt, chanting was believed to restore balance to the energy system. Even South America had shamans drumming and chanting as to re-balance the body, mind, and soul. In Australia, the didgeridoo was used to cure anything and everything, from muscle tears to broken bones. 

Years of Research 

Of course, science in the prehistoric times was not like science now but research into sound healing is not new. In the 1980s, the musician Johannes Heimrath conducted many workshops using gongs and through these workshops, discovered that gongs could especially help to relieve headaches and neck pain. The bioenergetician Fabian Maman also discovered in the early 80s how vibrations can actually transform the human cell structure; his study lasted 18 months. More recently, the US National Institute of Health corroborated Mamans study by finding how certain forms of sound therapy can prompt damaged DNA strands to self-repair. 

Just think about it - humans are made of more than 60% water and sound travels more than four times faster through water, as compared to air. A relevant fun fact: bones are a good conductor of sound. Again, this means sound travels directly into your being. Some benefits of this happening would be: alleviates anxiety, alleviates insomnia, stimulates different brain-waves (alpha, theta, gamma etc.), and triggers the release of endorphins (natural painkillers), serotonin, and melatonin. 

What To Expect During A Sound Bath

Typically, a certified sound healer will play not just one but several soothing sounds. This depends entirely on the studio you visit, though, but you should expect any of these instruments: Asian gongs, Western gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, wind chimes, chakra chimes, hang drums, and more. 

The best part? All you need to do is just lie there with your eyes closed, embracing total relaxation. However, note that if you plan to attend a sound bath as to cure yourself of something, attend at least thrice for optimum results. 


If you’re now curious or just want a new experience, here is a list of studios nearby you:

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OhanaJo Studio
Moon & Soul

Studios in SG

The Singing Bowl Gallery
House of Ascend

This article has been republished with permission from PurelyB

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