Special needs student bullied in school, school takes action

Special needs student bullied in school, school takes action

A video of a special needs student bullied by her classmates has shocked everyone. The school has now taken disciplinary action...

A shocking Instagram story showing girls from Assumption Pathway School bullying a special needs student has gone viral.

The school has now taken disciplinary action against the bullies.

Special needs student bullied in school

The video goes with the caption, "We are busy bullying this mentally retarded kid here."

The victim is wearing a black trash bag over her uniform.

One of the girls shoves a toilet brush towards her groin and face. The girl squirms and pushes the brush away.

Another girl then hangs a toilet seat on the victim's neck and pushes the toilet seat cover towards her face many times.

The bullies are laughing throughout.

School takes disciplinary action against bullies

A teacher who saw the video on Twitter made a police report.

In response to the incident, the school's principal Mr Eric Leong told Channel NewsAsia, "The actions in the video are unacceptable." 

"We take a strong stand against bullying, and teach our students to care for others."

The school has taken action,"We have since identified the offenders and taken immediate disciplinary action." 

"We are working with their parents to ensure that the offenders are made aware of the serious consequences of their behaviour, and that they will not repeat such behaviour." 

"We are also providing counselling and continued support to the victim."

The girl holding the toilet brush has apologised for her actions in a Facebook post on April 13, 2018.

special needs student bullied

She wrote, "I would like to sincerely apologise for my untoward actions and move on from this. This incident has caused a lot of pain and trouble to me and my family, as well as other party involved. I am owning up to my mistake and truly regret it."

"No matter what the reason might be, I had no right to behave as such. Again, my deepest apologies especially to my friend and everyone who has been severely affected by the recent incident."

"Nothing is more important than gaining back everyone’s trust and confidence. I hope all of you will give me the chance to improve myself.

(Source: Channel NewsAsia, Stomp)


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