Review: Tanamera pre-natal massage

Review: Tanamera pre-natal massage

If you're skeptical about prenatal massages, relax. They're perfectly safe if done properly.

Pregnancy is certainly no walk in the park. Yes, it’s a time to be treasured but it also comes with aches, pains and tender spots just begging to be pampered. It’s no surprise that I was looking all over for a reputable prenatal massage service.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed as there are a gazillion choices. On forums and Facebook groups, I found mak ciks that come to your home and claim that they have years of experience. However, I was very cautious about my chosen masseuse because of my delicate condition.


What I loved about Tanamera’s Prenatal Massage

Tanamera’s Prenatal Massage caught my eye due to the oils they use. Apparently, all Tanamera products are 100% natural and plant based, without nasty chemicals and preservatives. My skin is already terribly sensitive as it is, I cannot afford a breakout during pregnancy. Not to mention all the hormones that make my pores aggravatingly unpredictable.

The second big advantage of their service is that they carry out the massage in the comfort of your home! That’s right, no making desperate rounds trying to get a good parking spot, or driving in the heat to get to the spa, or trudging around with swollen feet, they will come right to you! That convenience was simply heaven for me.

Tanamera’s tender touch

I wanted to find out more about the people who will be pampering me and was relieved to discover their therapists are locals who are qualified and certified in Traditional Malay Pregnancy and Postnatal care, which is conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, with at least 10 years experience.

My prenatal massage experience with Tanamera was exquisitely relaxing after a long day at work. The therapist worked out all the knots in all the right spots using the Swedish technique of long and gentle strokes. Tip: light some scented candles and put on a calming soundtrack as you indulge in the pampering session. Each 90 minute session costs RM175.00.

I was even more at ease after learning a little bit more about the founders of Tanamera Spa Services. They are mothers themselves, with a comprehensive understanding of the trials and tribulations of new mums.

They get the stresses of pregnant mums juggling a career and then having the pressure to bounce right back to shape and schedules right after the demands of childbirth. They formulated their services, with your convenience and pain points in mind.

Genuine concern for mummies

Before booking a session, the owners will have a little chat with the mummies to find out more about their pregnancies and how far along they are. Only mums who are at least 4 months will be pampered so they are past the danger threshold.

They chose not to offer prenatal massage packages for mums despite numerous requests. In their experience and after having consulted with doctors, the consensus was that pregnant mums must not be over-stimulated, even though very gentle massage techniques are applied. They always put safety ahead of profit, never putting mummies at risk, at any time.

Convenient postnatal spa services

You’ll also find a delightful range of services for after the baby arrives and during the confinement period, ranging from herbal steam baths and body scrubs. Contact Tammy to enquire more about their range of spa services: [email protected] or visit

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