Kid-friendly paradise found at the luxurious The St. Regis Langkawi

Kid-friendly paradise found at the luxurious The St. Regis Langkawi

The festive season is just around the corner. Have you planned a perfect getaway with your family? Read this mum’s review and see if this kid-friendly paradise is for you too.

Tucked away in an almost magical corner of the majestic island, you’ll find The St. Regis Langkawi.

A kid and baby-friendly paradise, this is the promised land for weary and bleary-eyed parents like us. Miraculously, children here seem well behaved and barely audible.

Just tune in to the sounds of waves lapping upon shores of sugary white sand. No yapping or yelling, kids tearing down the beach path or hogging the pools.

the st. regis langkawi kid friendly

Parents, retreat to a Moorish oasis

There is just something mystical about this resort, aside from the breathtaking vistas of glistening, cerulean waters, speckled with undulating islands in the distance — all just begging to be explored.

We luxuriated in the fact that it was just our little family unit amidst glorious nature — surrounded by stunning architecture and manicured grounds, aesthetically designed to please guests at every turn.

Motherhood became my life 7 months ago and this escape was exactly what my body and mind needed, after experiencing every imaginable symptom of exhaustion.

Besides, you won’t complain either if you can spend two days being treated like royalty with absolutely zero cares. Your dedicated butler will take care of all your needs. Let’s delve into what royalty feels like at The St. Regis Langkawi…

Service with a personal touch

Devoted butlers are literally at your beck and call, be it day or night. What I loved most was the incredibly time-saving packing and unpacking service provided.

We dropped our bags and immediately went for a stroll on the grounds to explore the private saltwater swimming lagoon and the kids’ splash pool.

When we got back, our bags were unpacked and everything was neatly stowed away. As a result, we trusted our butler to do our packing up before we departed the resort as well.

I informed the butler about my baby’s feeding schedule, as she had just started solids, and when we returned to the room, we found the requested baby puree in our suite. It was at the perfect consistency and temperature, ready to be slurped up.

Oh yes, if you’re too consumed by relaxing, like I was, you can also ask the butler to draw a bath for you and your baby.

Impeccable service and attention to detail extends to all staff at The St. Regis Langkawi. They care! The spa manager actually spoke to us about baby sleep training when she saw how exhausted we were.

She was genuinely concerned about our long-term sanity and well-being. Sure, the Iridium spa treatments can get you fixed for the week, but the advice and tips given to us about sleep-training really helped us when we got back to reality.

Gastronomic heaven

Let’s talk about the exquisite cuisine you’ll find here at The St. Regis Langkawi. Two of my favoured spots for food fixes were the L’Orangerie Signature Restaurant for breakfast, and Kayu Puti Specialty Restaurant for an evening of fine dining.

the st. regis langkawi five star hotels

Feast like a king to kick-start your day. L’Orangerie serves up an extravagant breakfast that won’t be complete without the Andaman lobster egg omelette, foie gras tarts and champagne.

The sheer variety of the spread will have you spending hours sampling every delight in their unique menu. I particularly enjoyed their healthy elixirs, since alcohol is a no-no for this breastfeeding mama.

While you’re here, don’t miss the picturesque sunset cocktails at Kayu Puti. Set yourself up on the sturdy oversized hammocks with plush cushions, suspended over glimmering waters as you watch the day fade away in hues of coral and ochre.

Don’t worry, the hammocks are safe. Just hang on to your child, like we did, as our baby was starting to crawl.

the st. regis langkawi hotels

After the sun sets, indulge in a sumptuous culinary affair. In a flavourful tango of East meets West, you’ll find that the menu offerings are creatively fusion. The melt-in-your-mouth Duck & Langkawi black bee honey is a must-try.

For a sweet finish, go for the Langkamisu, or you might regret it forever. Explore the Kayu Puti menu and watch The Art of Plating videos to appreciate the fastidious preparation of culinary masterpieces.

Also, check out this resort’s Christmas food fare and festivities to keep your tummy filled and happy.

The St. Regis Pool Suite                                        

We were totally charmed by our pool suite. Even a rainy day did not dampen our enthusiasm.

The decor exudes class, fit for those with affluent island living standards. A massive canopied day bed lay waiting behind the inviting private pool in our outdoor terrace.

Just paces away, we found the saltwater lagoon and lush grounds, leading to the beach.

I fondly remember spending quite a few late nights in the ivory marbled bathroom, soaking my stress away in a warm bubble bath with Remède amenities. This living area was simply perfect for our family.

the st. regis pool suite room

Depending on how much space and privacy you fancy, there is a room or villa that will meet your needs. The St. Regis Langkawi has various categories of premier rooms, unique suites and villas.

Looking for a deal? Get 50% off your second room with the Family Traditions Package. Look out for offers here.

Kid and baby-friendly

If you want to spoil your child, this stay should be your one-and-only excuse to do so. It’s only fair because you’re getting spoiled too *wink.

The young ones will be in for a treat when they see what’s in store. We loved the tipi tent that was set up in our villa with cute stuffed toys and a very soft base that is safe for my wobbly, learning-to-walk baby who was toppling over every few seconds.

If my baby were older, she too would have loved the coloring books, kid-sized bathrobe and slippers, tidbits and also the special children’s menu.

She really enjoyed the rubber duckies during bath time in her little tub, and the cute airplane float that she used in our private pool.

The St. Regis Langkawi - Little Chefs Programme

There is not a moment of boredom to be had. Kids can go on a Geoforest Safari adventure, experience a coconut-oil making class, or get a bird’s eye perspective of the island on a Helicopter tour. It’s time to make some unforgettable memories!

Sheer spa  satisfaction

My hour-long Urut Melayu at the Iridium Spa felt like 3 hours of bliss, resulting in the dissolution of every single knot.

I was suspended in timelessness during my treatment — a truly transcendent feeling. This sanctuary is dedicated to pampering that is customized for each guest.

Iridium Spa - Couple Treatment Suite_The St. Regis Langkawi

My husband chose an eye treatment (Sensational Eye) for his severe eye bags guessed it… lack of sleep. It’s a perfectly natural side effect of being a new dad.

After a mere 30 minutes of Iridium Spa’s special pressure-point massage that’s designed to relieve puffiness and dark circles, he walked out feeling like a brand new person!

We envied those who could indulge in couple treatments. We, on the other hand, had to babysit one at a time.

So, please do yourselves a favour and give in to their therapeutic massages, rejuvenating baths, exclusive body treatments or invigorating facials. Allow your body to be pampered and balanced, reaching complete harmony.

Take a peek to see what methods of relaxation the Iridium Spa has in store for you.

The best address in Langkawi

To conclude, I’d say that this was one of the most breathtaking resorts that I have stayed in. It takes a great deal to impress me, being a “spare-no-expense” globetrotter.

I humbly admit that I’m one of those hard-to-please, meticulous-about-quality consumers who will unabashedly make my opinions heard, when necessary.

In this case, there was nothing that I would have added or subtracted from my perfect experience at The St. Regis Langkawi — except maybe to extend my stay here.

Resort Exterior_The St. Regis Langkawi

This is possibly the best address in Langkawi — the best I have set foot in thus far. I had to ask myself several times; am I still in Malaysia?

My expectations were surpassed several times over, in every aspect of our stay in The St. Regis, Langkawi.

I wholeheartedly recommend this luxury resort for sophisticated parents/travellers who would like to luxuriate in grandeur in your own backyard.

Without having to travel too far, you will feel like you’ve escaped to some Mediterranean oasis to get away from it all!

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