Timeless Life Lessons For Every Kid

Timeless Life Lessons For Every Kid

Times may change but some things stay the same, including these timeless life lessons for every kid.

Thanks to technology, our children have abundant knowledge at the tips of their fingers. But while Google can solve many problems, there are some things that wouldn't hurt for us to teach them to help them function in society.

Times may change but some things stay the same, including these timeless life lessons for every kid:

How to call 999

Or 112 from a mobile phone. Although we hope they'll never have to use this lesson, its really important that they know how in case of an emergency. And that means learning it on a cellphone, a landline phone and even a payphone!

The Golden Rule

It's strange to think that children need to be taught or reminded to be nice, but they do need a basic moral compass to guide their conscience. The Golden Rule states that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That means treat others as you would like to be treated so no bullying!

Home phone number and address

Yup they can save it in their smartphones, but smartphones can get lost. And so do kids. So the home phone number and address (and Mom and Dad's phone numbers) are really valuable things to remember in case of any emergencies.

How to tie shoe laces

This lesson is important not just for self-care but for learning fine motor skills and coordination. So while its tempting to just let them wear slip-ons for like, forever, they really should learn how to tie those shoe laces. No matter how long it takes to get out of the house!


"Good things come to those who wait" seems to be a lesson forgotten by a modern society that craves instant gratification. Teach your kids to be patient, not only will they be less entitled but this is an important skill when it comes to saving money.


Our Asian society is big on this with most aunties and grandmothers tut-tutting if a child appears to be rude. But they are right in this instance! Please and thank you should be a natural part of your child's speech, they should greet their elders respectfully and there is nothing wrong with putting the phone or iPad away at the dinner table!

How to ride a bike

This is simply one skill every child should learn. We should encourage our kids to get connected with the outdoors whenever they can instead of constantly being glued to the TV and video games.

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Hanna Lee

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