Toccapoly Holiday Arts Immersion Camp Is Back This Year!

Toccapoly Holiday Arts Immersion Camp Is Back This Year!

The Toccapoly Holiday Arts Immersion Camp returns for a fourth time in June! It consist of music, dance, visual arts, culinary arts, and storytelling!

Consisting of music, dance, visual arts, culinary arts, and storytelling, Toccapoly is a bilingual program that is creative and artistic, with aims to provide your children with a new and thorough experience of the arts, revealing their immense artistic potential and their boundless creativity.

Within each and every child there is artistic potential; being immersed in the arts is therefore crucial for their learning and growth: the arts is more than a means of emotional, personal expression, but also serves as a window to the world and living – the arts: music, language, dance and more, can help children develop better concentration and a deeper appreciation for the world around us.

Arts education can help with the unfurling of a child’s potential; they become confident: they grow into strong thinkers and problem solvers, with great enthusiasm for life.

Toccapoly draws children away from flat screens of all kinds, and encourages them to think, move, and create. We want to return the children to a happy and balanced life where they can grow and learn in healthy ways.

Consider Toccapoly an arts bank: arts education may not yield instantaneous results, but rest assured that this artistic ‘investment’ will greatly benefit our children in all their wonderful years to come.

Toccopoly welcomes every child and parent willing to begin an artistic investment, to join in this endeavour so as to guide and lift our children to beautiful and deeply-lived lives.

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Date 30 May 2016 – 2 June 2016
Time 9.30AM – 5.30PM
Venue Toccata Studio, 39A, SS2/55, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact No. 016-3618504 / 014-9770388
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