Toxic chemicals found in kid's clothes!

Toxic chemicals found in kid's clothes!

New investigations have found toxic chemicals in the clothes by top brands! Parents who already have so much to worry about, are now faced with new dangers that can harm their children.

Toxic chemicals found in kid's clothes

Top 20 clothing brands tested by Greenpeace contained toxic chemical(s).

Parents have always been focused on keeping their home environment as safe and free of toxicity as possible. Now it seems, we even have to pay close attention to the clothes we buy for our children.

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Toxicity in clothes

A TV station in the United States sent in baby clothes for testing. This was after a mother complained that new leggings that she bought for her baby caused rashes on her baby’s legs. Deciding to explore the extent of the problem, the TV station bought and tested a few different brands of leggings. The results were nothing short of disturbing.

Out of 18 pieces of baby and children clothes, only 12 were formaldehyde free – Hooray! But even these 12 were not completely free of toxins. They only met the industry standard, which is less than 20 parts per million of formaldehyde.

Should we not be looking at zero parts per million? For Pete’s sake, we are talking baby and children’s clothes here! Industry standards should be zero, or negative if possible, meaning clothes that protect and prevent. Why on earth should any parent knowingly or not, buy toxic clothes that are deemed SAFE ENOUGH?

Toxic chemicals found in clothes from top brands

The Greenpeace Toxicant Prevention Project found that 63% of 141 pieces of clothing from 20 top brands of clothing, contained Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPE) and Plasticisers.

Even cancer-causing aromatic amine was also found in some samples of the clothes. NPE and plasticisers can interfere with the endocrine system, wreaking havoc on the entire body system.

Among the 20 brands tested by Greenpeace, ZARA is the only brand where nine out of the 10 samples was reportedly tested positive for NPE, plasticiser and aromatic amine. Whereas, clothing samples from Tommy Hilfiger and Giorgio Armani contained the highest amount of plasticisers, according to the tests.

20 top name brands tested contained toxic chemical

Giorgio Armani, Benetton, Calvin Klein, Diesel, ESPRIT, GAP, H&M, Jack & Jones, Levi’s, MANGO, Marks & Spencer, meters/bonwe, ONLY, VANCL, VERO MODA, Victoria’s Secret, ZARA, C&A, Blazek, Tommy Hilfiger.

According to reports, at least one clothing sample from each of the 20 brands was found to contain NPE.

Looks like nothing out there is completely safe parents. Ask yourself if your baby or child truly needs any products, before using them. A clean environment, natural cloths and products are the best way to go.

What clothes should I buy my kids?

There are no shortcuts. We will not recommend brands, but choose natural cloths like 100% unbleached cotton, and wash, wash and wash clothes before bringing them near baby.

Choose cloths, clothes and blankets that are packaged in natural products and toxin-free packaging. Research and understand products and brands you are considering using.

Tips to keep your clothes and home environment toxic-free

1.      Buy toxic-free clothes

 Read labels and research the companies producing the clothes before buying. If you cannot find the company online, don’t buy their clothes. You would not borrow clothes form people you do not know. So why buy clothes from strangers?

 2.      Wash clothes before use

Wash all clothes in cold water and using toxin free detergents. Babies hardly sweat and don’t go out and socialise much – they are too busy sleeping. Eating and messing themselves. So why use detergents that would clean up an oil slick?

3.      Green cleaning for toxic-free home

Choosing baby-care and detergent products from environmentally conscious companies tend to automatically mean you are choosing toxic-free products. Again, do your research and choose brands that are focused on green living. Healthy planet, healthy babies.

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