When did you fall in love with your child?

When did you fall in love with your child?

Holding your newborn for the first time. When your baby calls your 'mama' for the first time. Your little tot saying how much he loves you. What moment did you fall in love with you child? Find out why it's important to spend more time with your kids to create new memories here.

Will I love my baby?

Will I love my baby

Spend time with your little one to create new everlasting memories

What moment truly defined your relationship with your child? When did you fall in love with your precious child?

It could have been breaking your everyday ritual to take a moment to do something drastically different with your child. Or it could be recalling your childhood memories and trying to replicate that special moment with your children.

The Global Spirit of Childhood report found out that Malaysian parents list work as the main deterrent from them being able to spend more time with their kids. So don’t let not your busy ritual or work deter you from spending time with your children. Create new everlasting memories with your kids instead!

Reflect and take a look at these precious memories:

Will I love my baby? #1 Newborns and their little moments

As a newborn, it was a delight to hold their little fingers and cradle them by swinging left to right, and just enjoy the sight of their innocuous smiles. By gently caring for them, making eye contact and talking to them in their baby language always meant more than anything else.

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Will I love my baby? #2 Toddler years

The growing toddler years are the most gorgeous years of all times. It is during these times where singing, playing with their favourite toys, nursery rhymes and introducing new names to them through role playing and pretend games give them a big mischievous grin. The little touch, hugs and mollycoddles brings them closer to you and makes them feel bubble-like.

Will I love my baby? #3 Joining playschool

During their playschool years, your little one grew up listening to Aesop fables like ‘Sang kancil dengan buaya’ and ‘Gagak yang bijak’ that teaches them life-lessons such as ‘do not take people for granted’ and ‘not judge a book by its cover’. Telling these stories to your children fills parents with beaming pride knowing their children will turn out to be heroes some day.

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Will I love my baby? #4 When your kid is in primary school

When your kid is in primary school, the ultimate bonding moment involved reading lady bird books, playing quiz games and word games like hangman. These were fun bonding exercises that were done by the bedside at any time of the day with the lights dimmed and your child fast asleep while listening to wonderful melodies. Bonding over simple cooking recipes like baking cookies or placing cheese slices on toast may be effortless, but these are crucial elements that loosen our strings and demonstrate pure love.


When did you fall in love with your kid? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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