5 Ways To Organise Baby's Clothes

5 Ways To Organise Baby's Clothes

Let's start organising!

Baby clothes are so cute and tiny but boy are they a nightmare to organise. Adult clothes are already hard enough. Imagine folding a tonne of laundry at a fraction of the size.

How can I get some semblance of uniformity in the drawer? How can I be more organised so that clothes are in order and accessible in a more practical way? Let’s see some tried and true tips from parents who have done it.

#1 Closet Dividers

In case you’re wondering how closet dividers function:

#2 The “Too small” basket

This is such a brilliant idea. It makes clearing away clothes outgrown so much easier. Plus they outgrow them pretty fast.

Put them away in plastic see through storage boxes by size and put the labeling inside the containers. This way it is already sorted out and there is no risk of labels coming off while in storage.

#3 Hang all the bibs on one hanger

I don’t even know why I actually wasted time folding mine. If only I knew about this earlier!

If you have girls, you would love this next one. It is so pretty you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make!

#4 DIY Hair Bow Organiser

If you have girls, you would love this. It is so pretty you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make! Visit this page to see how to DIY it

#5 Invest in a good cot organiser

I actually swear by this, because I personally used this for both my babies. I did not have the luxury of space, so it wasn’t like I could set up a very ID looking nursery. Her cot doubled as a changing station so the cot organiser was perfect for me. Every compartment is visible and everything was within easy reach.

However if RM129 seem excessive to you, here’s a more budget friendly option:

Most of the hypermarts around town sell these see through plastic drawers with rollers – so they are fairly easy to get. It may not be a perfect fit for some things, but we can make do with dividers and box inserts. A drawer can sometimes be a clutter zone, so try this nifty space saving folding trick which pairs clothes and socks all in one bundle.

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