9 Things To Say To Your Kids Every Day

9 Things To Say To Your Kids Every Day

Kids need more than food, warmth, shelter and clothes, they thrive when they feel loved and cared for. Here are 9 things to say to make their day.

Things to say to your kids

The Asian parent is many things, but they are not known to be forthcoming with our emotions with our children. It is common to hear that Asian parents don't hug, or kiss their children. Many, especially from older generations, certainly don't say "I love you" on a daily basis.

However, that does not mean these parents don't love their children, its just easier to show their love through actions rather than coming right out and saying those three little words. That's why our mums are always nagging us to eat. They don't mean for us to get fat, food is just a convenient way of showing their love.

But while all kids need the basics of life like food, warmth, shelter and clothing, they also thrive when they feel loved and secure. Things like cuddles and praise and taking time to communicate and sharing your feelings can help your children to feel safe, secure and cared for. Like they really do matter.

So here are 9 things you can say to make your little one's day:

"I Love You"

Every child benefits from knowing that she is unconditionally loved. Every single day.

"I like it when you..."

Praising positive aspects of their behaviour is a great way to encourage more good behaviour!

"You make me happy"

Everyone loves to hear this from someone they love. It makes them feel valued. And your children are no different.

"I'm proud of you"

This lets your children know that you think they have done a good job, or made a great try at something difficult. It helps them want to do more!

"You are special"

Your little one is unique, and there's nothing wrong with reminding them of that.

"I trust you"

Your belief in them helps them cultivate honesty.

"I believe in you"

Everyone doubts themselves sometimes. Reaffirm your children by letting them know how valuable they are.

"I know you can do this!"

Encourage them to never give up even when the going gets tough!

"I am grateful for you"

We love our children more than anything else in the world, and there's nothing wrong with letting them know how much we appreciate their presence in our lives!


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