Top 6 best hospitals in Malaysia

Top 6 best hospitals in Malaysia

Here's a list of some of the best hospitals in Malaysia

There’s been vast improvements in Malaysia medically due to the advancements in technology, medical treatments in Malaysia has become more accessible with more and more hospitals springing up in every corner.

1) Assunta Hospital

Assunta Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in Malaysia, it started in 1954 by four Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) nuns to cater to underprivileged and with enough donations, theyslowly evolved into a hospital. They are one of the hospitals that teach sex education for the Catholic Marriage Prepatory Course. Till today, it’s one of the more affordable private hospitals around.

2) KPJ Specialist Hospital

With over 25 centres and hospitals around Malaysia, it is very accessible to the masses. KPJ network of hospitals are owned by JCorp (Johor Corporation), a Malaysian state economic development corporation successful enough to expand to other states in Malaysia. They provide exceptional treatments and all of their medical networks are breastfeeding friendly.

3) Pantai Hospital Group

Favored by the high-income groups, this hospital was currently in the news for water birthing, which has since been suspended until further notice. They are open to “new” procedures and was the only hospital to offer water births.

4) Tropicana Medical Centre 

This hospital is very popular for fertility treatments; with a record of 3,000 IVF treatments carried out in this hospital since 1994 and is awarded Fertility Centre of The Year 2016.

5) Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital

The late Yang Amat Berhormat (YAB) Tun Hussein Onn, the third Prime Minister of Malaysia who realized the need for a specialized eye hospital to educate, prevent and manage eye disorders established the hospital in 1986. This hospital is also the home of Malaysia’s National Eye Bank, to procure eye donors and develop corneal banking.

6) Prince Court Medical Centre

Prince Court Hospital is listed in the Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Tourists for 2 years in a row according to the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA). According to the medical group, Prince Court offers medical tourists with exceptional care beyond the call of duty as well as first- rate medical treatments. Prince Court is owned by Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company.

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