How to fight iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy

How to fight iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy

Anemia during pregnancy is common because you need more blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to your baby.

If you are feeling weak, easily get tired or notice that you are turning pale, it could be that you are experiencing iron deficiency.

Why does iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy happen?

According to some studies, drinking coffee, teas or other high caffeine drinks repels the absorption of iron. This is one of the reasons why you are asked to give up drinking caffeinated drinks while you are pregnant. Another reason for iron deficiency could come from your diet, especially if you are not eating enough foods rich in iron and Vitamin C like meat and fish.

Vitamin C is vital in the absorption of iron.  Iron deficiency can also be caused from a short gap between pregnancies. Meaning, your body has not yet recovered fully from the previous pregnancy.

That is why it is important to undergo those standard laboratory procedures that your doctor requires so that they can determine and know ahead if you are suffering or prone to having iron deficiency anemia or other health threatening concerns.

Supplements that help with anemia during pregnancy

If you are found to have an iron deficiency, your doctor will prescribe you vitamins or iron supplements to increase your iron levels. Iron is for blood, it increases your blood supply which you need since you are supplying nutrients and oxygen to your baby. Also, you are storing or providing your baby the iron that he needs for him to survive.

Foods that help

Aside from taking iron supplements, you can also increase your iron levels by eating the right food. Foods like well cooked meat and fish and vegetables are rich in iron. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are also important since Vitamin C helps you absorb iron well. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea since it hinders iron to be absorbed.


Foods rich in iron can help to reduce your chance of getting anemia during pregnancy

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