Good samaritan gives the gift of kindness

Good samaritan gives the gift of kindness

Lee Hui Sen is a magnanimous Malaysian who reminds us that compassion is more important than money. Read her letter here.

Ever give a gift of kindness?

This letter has been doing the rounds on Malaysian social media the past week, warming the hearts of everyone who reads it.

gift of kindness

Lee Hui Sen, author of this note, is the magnanimous Malaysian who reminds us that compassion is more important than money and serves as a great lesson for all of us going into a New Year.

Lee paid a RM44,500 deposit for a double-storey house after winning it at an auction. But after going to see the house and realising that a family still lived there, she decided to give up her purchase, forgoing the deposit. She left the handwritten note in the mailbox detailing her decision.

The house belongs to a couple known only as S, 47 and Nor, 42. They live with a 20 year old daughter.

“I am Lee Hui Sen, the buyer of the auctioned house that you are living in now. I am sorry for buying your house and it might have made you and your family worried.

“We will lose the money but it will go into the bank account of your house. We hope this can be of some assistance to you,” she wrote.

She even advised S to get a restructure on his loan from the bank to avoid having the house put up for auction again and included some feng shui tips to welcome positive energy!

Beyond that, she has so far remained anonymous, seeking no publicity for her kind deed. It wasn't even known that Lee is in fact a woman; everyone assumed that she was a man until her lawyer said otherwise.

“We are still unclear about his (her) whereabouts,” said Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia chief Datuk Nadzim Johan who was trying to locate Lee to reward her for her selfless act after Nor showed him the letter.

He said that this is an example of a person with a golden heart

“You have not met this person and yet you can just part with your money to help someone. People are fighting for so many things outside and yet this man can provide assistance to a family for them to start anew," Nadzim says.

Malaysians have echoed his sentiments, applauding the selfless deed with Twitter posts such as “We need more Malaysians like Mr Lee Hui Sen”, “Spread the love”, “God bless #LeeHuiSen”, and “I’m touched by this. It’s time to drop the colours and embrace that we are all human beings”.

What a wonderful way to wrap up 2016!


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