Mum and baby die after drunk doctor performs C-section

Mum and baby die after drunk doctor performs C-section

In a shocking C-section death, a 22-year-old mother-to-be and her newborn have died, allegedly because the doctor who performed the operation was drunk. 

C-section death of mum and baby allegedly caused by drunk doctor

In India, pregnant mum Kamini Chachi was admitted to a government hospital in Gujarat on Monday 26 November. She was in labour at the time, say news reports. 

A senior doctor named Paresh Lakhani — who had been working at that hospital for 15 years — performed a Caesarian section on the young mum. But the baby died at birth and Kamini was bleeding heavily. Her family reportedly decided to move her to a private hospital. However, she died on the way.

Her relatives allegedly accused Lakhani of being drunk when he performed the operation, resulting in the mum and her baby’s c-section death. They informed the police that they believed the doctor was intoxicated. And indeed, a breathalyser test conducted by police confirmed the doctor was drunk.

Botad Superintendent of Police Harshad Mehta told India Today, “The police found that the doctor was drunk while on duty. He was first booked under the Prohibition Act and was arrested. His blood sample was sent for testing.”

Meanwhile, a postmortem on both mother and baby has been requested to find out if their deaths were caused by medical negligence or other factors. 

“As per Supreme Court guidelines, only a committee headed by a civil surgeon can determine negligence charges. If the report is positive, we will book him,” added Mr Mehta. 

Here at theAsianparent, we offer our condolences to the family of the mum and baby. We also hope that due justice is served. 

c-section death

C-sections are generally quite safe. Still, it’s good to know the risks. Image: File photo

C-section risks and accidents: How common are they? 

You might be an expecting mum reading this who is planning for a caesarian section. Naturally, news of this c-section death will make you very anxious. 

There’s no need to fret because a c-section is one of the most common surgeries performed around the world, every single day. Still, like with any surgery, it’s good to be informed of some of the potential risks of this procedure. 

1. Breathing problems in babies

More common in scheduled c-sections, issues like rapid breathing can arise when a baby’s lungs aren’t fully developed.

2. Inflammation and infection of the uterus

Also known as endometritis, inflammation and infection of the uterus results in high fever, uterine pain, and foul-smelling vaginal discharge.

3. Severe bleeding 

During a c-section delivery, mums are more likely to lose a lot of blood compared to a vaginal birth. 

4. Adverse reactions to anaesthesia

Though rare, some mums experience adverse reactions to common types of anaesthesia like a spinal block or epidural-spinal anaesthesia.

5. Blood clots

Following a c-section, clots can develop in the veins of the legs or pelvic organs. 

These clots become dangerous and life-threatening when they travel to the lungs, otherwise known as a pulmonary embolism.

This is the reason why doctors encourage walking and ambulation after surgery.

6. Wound infection

C-section wound infections usually occur on the incision site or inside the uterus. 

7. Surgical injuries

Aside from cuts and nicks on the baby’s skin, there is also a risk of damaging nearby organs like the urinary bladder. 

On top of all of this, c-sections can make future pregnancies riskier. After a c-section, a mum is more likely to encounter placental problems and uterine rupture. 

At the same time, mums, remember that c-sections safely deliver millions of babies around the world, every day. 

Sources: Channel NewsAsia, BBC

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