What Parenting REALLY Looks Like

What Parenting REALLY Looks Like

Life with children is not Instagram-worthy all the time. Danielle Guenther's photo series documents the funny, unglamorous reality of parenting.

Do you really know what real parenting looks like?

Children are fantastic fun but lets be frank, life with children is not Instagram-worthy all the time. Sure we curate the best moments to post online for our friends and family to coo at but a lot of the time, raising little humans is a dirty, smelly, noisy job (that we wouldn't give up for anything!)

Self taught photographer Danielle Guenther, based in New York realized this during a family shoot. She has since shot to fame with photos that recreate unglamorous and imperfect parenting moments. They are pretty funny, and you might find yourself nodding your head at some of these situations!


Losing focus when you need it most...


Finding out why its easier to do laundry at midnight...


Just passing out from the sheer exhaustion...


Eating out is harder than you think...

real parenting

Things can get confused with too little sleep...

real parenting

And someone always has to do all the heavy lifting!

real parenting

All photos by Danielle Guenther. For more, check out her Facebook page and website.

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