8 Signs you're always on your hubby's mind

8 Signs you're always on your hubby's mind

Hey, wives! Wanna know if your husband just can't stop thinking about you? Learn how here!

Wives, there's no denying that you're the apple of your husband's eye...but does a little reassurance ever hurt?

I think not.

If you're looking to bring a little extra joy to your life, and couple butterflies to your stomach, here are just a few of the ways that you can tell that you're always on your hubby's mind.

1. You get messages of cute little inside jokes all the time

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Every happy couple has at least a couple of inside jokes. If your husband sends you texts (or some other form of message) that references or goes along with one of your established inside jokes, there's a good chance he's got you on his mind. He probably thought about something funny the two of you discussed, it brought a smile to his face, and he wanted to share the fun and enjoyment by taking the time to message you.

Signs you're always on your hubby's mind

2. He surprises you often

Whether it's something big or small, if your hubby surprises you from time to time then it's quite clear he's been thinking about you! We're not talking about little gifts on your birthday, or "I'm sorry" flowers. We mean random, out of the blue, gifts that he--on a whim--decided to pick up on the way home. Why? To make you smile...and because he can't stop thinking about you.

3. He never overlooks any conversations

Sometimes, with all the events that can occur in a day, it can be difficult to keep track of every single interaction. However, if your husband is interested in following up on conversations, no matter how minuscule they seem in retrospect, then he may not be able to get you off his mind.

For example, let's say you had a bad day and you mentioned it earlier in the day, but the topic/conversation changed course, if your husband is "wife-centric" he may try to reinitiate that conversation and see exactly what made your day so unfavourable.

Wives, curious to find out more ways to tell if you're on your hubby's mind? Check out the rest of the list by visiting page two!

4. Every little thing reminds him of you

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Let's say you're out with the kids, strolling around the city. Suddenly, you, hubby and the rest of your family come across a restaurant that reminds him of the first one he took you to. He smiles, looks at you and says, "Remember the first restaurant we went to together? Doesn't this remind you of it?"

That's because he's got you on his mind, and every little thing in the world around him reminds him of you...even if that restaurant doesn't look remotely like the one you guys went to on your first date, it's endearing to know that everything traces back to you!

5. He never forgets anniversaries

There are a lot of dates to keep track of over the course of a year, but if your husband has never (not even once) forgotten about an anniversary, he's definitely got you on his mind at all times. True, there are quite a lot of tools and gadgets to help him cheat his way into remembering, but he'd still have to remember to set those dates in said gadgets, right? In any case, he's got his priorities in check, and you come first!

Signs you're always on your hubby's mind

6. When he's out of the house, he's messaging you

This one may seem pretty obvious. I mean, one way to make sure someone is on your mind is how often they try to get in contact with you. If your husband is out of the house with his friends, at the office for a long day of work, or maybe even out of town, one very noticeable way to tell you're always on his mind is by how often he messages you while he's not in your presence.

BEEP. BEEP. Got a message? Oh, it says "Miss you, can't wait to see you!"...care to guess what he's thinking about? I think you know, wives.

7. His anniversary/birthday/holiday gifts are "on point"

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Unlike the random gifts we discussed earlier, we're now shifting focus to planned gifts. Specifically, how amazing and personalized the gifts he gives you are. In fact, they're so intimate and well thought out that it puts pressure on you to figure out what to get him!

Sure, it can be challenging to outdo his insane gift-giving efforts, but at least you know that you mean the world to him and he's always thinking of you.

8. He posts about you on social media

Not in an annoying or classless way. But, if he's ever posted a photo of the two of you on his social media--better yet, if he does it often--he's proud to show you off, and he's proud to proclaim how happy he is to have you. If that's not a clear indication that he's got you on his mind, I don't know what is!


This article was based on a post published by Cosmopolitan 

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