How To Survive Open Houses With A Baby

How To Survive Open Houses With A Baby

Outings, including open houses, are always more complicated when you have a new baby. Here are some tips to survive open houses with a baby.

Raya season may just have wrapped up but open houses are as ubiquitous to Malaysian festive holidays as the delicious food. Depending on how large your family and circle of friends are, your open house obligations could range from relaxed once-a-weekend affairs to stamina testing 5-a-day marathons.

No matter how many open houses you plan on attending, things will always be more complicated when you have a new baby in tow. Here are some tips to survive open houses with a baby.

Be prepared

 You know best what your baby needs to be comfortable. That means having his food handy (breastfeeding makes it easy!), toys to distract him, a change of clothes and diapers and definitely somewhere to nap.

Some babies like napping in a stroller, others in a carrier and some are perfectly fine in daddy or mummy’s arms. So prepare your arsenal ahead of time to ensure a well-rested and happy baby. This may mean bringing half the house out, but it’s worth it to have a stress free day!

 Bring backup

 It’s not the best idea to venture solo to an open house. With the baby and all the stuff you’ll have to carry, you’ll be hard pressed to keep your baby comfortable and secure in all the noise and heat while also trying to eat and mingle.

And if your baby starts to fuss, it’s good to have someone to bring them out for a breather. If your partner isn’t handy, maybe approach a relation or a close friend. After all, two may be company but three makes a party.

 Don’t be shy

 Don’t be afraid to let your host know if you need a quiet place to breastfeed, or somewhere to change the diapers. Similarly, don’t feel bad about nabbing a good position within the house where the air-con or fan is blasting at full! This weather may not be easy on us adults, so imagine how our little ones feel.


If your child does act up, do your best to calm him down, but don't let it ruin your outing. Chances are almost everyone in the place has been in your situation at one time or another.

And baby can sense if you are feeling anxious or upset and this could make them even more upset! If your baby’s fussiness does turn into a full-blown meltdown, you or your partner can take your baby outside or to the car for a break. Sometimes a simple change of scenery does the trick.

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Hanna Lee

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