Things to know about taking baby's passport photo

Things to know about taking baby's passport photo

Is it time you got Junior's passport sorted out? We share some great tips to consider when taking baby's passport photo.

So you are planning a trip overseas, and you realize your little chappy needs to get his passport done! Do you run around in an aimless panic not knowing how to go about it?

Fret not, we are here to help you!

baby's passport photo

If you can’t find a white background, a light shade could work as well, as you can edit it later.

If you have taken up the challenge of taking baby’s passport photo yourself, these tips will give you some direction.

I spoke to professional photographer and dad Vernon Leow and he was kind enough to give me some pointers to share with you.

  • Use a plain white background and if white is not available, any light-colored background will do as it can still be edited later. It is very important that the background is plain;
  • The face should be evenly lit. Some babies are sensitive to flash so using natural light is a good alternative;
  • Avoid white tops as they will “disappear” into the background;
  • Engage the baby by using a toy or even his/her favorite show playing on your phone/tablet placed near the lens. Eyes should look into the lens so place the object as close as possible to the lens, not above the camera and certainly not above (behind) the photographer;
  • Take as many shots as possible at one go so you can make a selection after the photo is taken. This is better than having to re-shoot after every few attempts; as some babies have a short attention span;
baby's passport photo

How cute am I??? As adorably-cute this picture is, it won’t work as a passport photo. The fancy pose and the head gear is sadly a no-no, as is the white shirt.

The Immigration and checkpoints authority (ICA) also lists some guidelines related to your baby’s passport photo. You can check them out here.

Ok, now you know HOW to take the picture. But if your lil’ guy can’t sit up by himself yet, you need to figure out how to get him to pose!

baby's passport photo

You can try a bumbo seat to prop baby up for the picture.

  • Use a bumbo seat and have someone help you adjust him if he tilts to a side.
  • You can cover a rocker or bouncer with a white sheet and strap him into that. This is a good method if your baby is very small. The angle will keep him comfy and in place.
  • You can place baby on a white sheet-covered bed. Just make sure to straighten out any wrinkles or folds on the sheet.
  • If all else fails and baby needs to be held, wear a plain white t-shirt and hold baby from behind in a sitting position. Believe me, this works – I’ve tried it!
baby's passport photo, baby's passport photo

You can try laying baby on a white sheet, but make sure baby’s clothes are not white like this baby’s.

If your attempts of taking the picture yourself have gone south, and you would rather seek professional help, there are many places you can get a passport photo taken.

You can contact Vernon who helped us with the tips earlier. In addition to taking passport photos he does portraits and family photos as well. You can check out his portfolio or send him an email on [email protected].

You can also try a Kodak Express store near you. There are photo studios/shops conveniently located in almost every mall. Here is a list for your reference.

We hope we answered all your baby’s passport photo-related dilemmas. If you have any tips that worked for you when taking your kid’s picture or if you would like to recommend a studio or photographer you used, please leave a comment below.

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