What Is Sexual Grooming? Actress Lisa Surihani Against Child Sex Predators

What Is Sexual Grooming? Actress Lisa Surihani Against Child Sex Predators

Let's join forces and get the members of the Parliament

You've seen the videos, you've heard what the undercover journalists have to say. Even celebrities have teamed up to advocate against sexualgrooming through PSAs on the website.

What is Sexual Grooming?

sexualgrooming credit : oprah.com

Child grooming is befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, and sometimes the family, to lower the child's inhibitions for child sexualabuse.

It lures minors into trafficking of children, illicit businesses such as child prostitution, or the production of child pornography. Believe it or not, this is not illegal in Malaysia. Child sex predators have gone scott-free because of this loophole. Apparently it is not a crime until the abuser has committed an act of sexualabuse.

Laws that deal specifically with sexualgrooming have already been passed in Singapore, Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States, criminalising intent to sexually exploit a child even when no physical abuse has taken place.

In some of these countries, the victim doesn’t even need to be underage. As long as their communications show that the perpetrator believed the victim was underage, the person could be charged – even if contact was initiated overseas via a chat app.

sexual credit : rage.com.my/

Live Launch of #MPsAgainstPredators

Actress Lisa Surihani is on a mission to put an end to child sexualgrooming in Malaysia, even if it means lobbying politicians. She has signed on to be ambassador for Predator In My Phone, and on Friday, 14th of October, together with other campaign ambassadors launched #MPsAgainstPredators, to push the Parliament of Malaysia for new laws against child sexual grooming.

Predator In My Phone allows the public to tag their MPs (Members of Parliament) via social media or email and to ask them to come on board to support anti-grooming laws to protect children from sexualgrooming.

The launch which took place as a live event on Facebook included campaign ambassadors Marina Mahathir, YouTuber JinnyBoy, actress Marianne Tan, and activist Syed Azmi.


predator act credit : Wikipedia

  1. Have everyone pledge their support on Predator In My Phone.
  2. Have everyone tag as many MPs as they can and asking them to do the same.
  3. Get as many MPs from all constituencies to support the campaign.

An interactive map has been set up on the page. Every time an MP pledges their support, their constituency turns green on the map. The goal is to turn the whole map green because the campaign needs 112 of these MPs in favour of this law, and it will pass.

Show your support, protect the future of our children. Pledge your support today.

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