Teacher had sex with 16-year-old and tells him that he'll be 'a legend'

Teacher had sex with 16-year-old and tells him that he'll be 'a legend'

Read about how a 34-year-old teacher had a two month long affair with a 16-year-old student! Also find out about student sexual abuse cases in Malaysia.

Student sexual abuse in Malaysia

Read about how a 34-year-old teacher had a two month long affair with a 16-year-old student!

A 34-year old British teacher in Cardiff, The UK, Emma Ager, had sex with her 16-year-old student. She told him he would not be able to keep up with her and also that he would become a legend among his friends.

How did it start?

They had regular sex sessions in her car at a factory car park lot after school. The affair started after the boy’s friend got a hold of Emma’s mobile number, and called her as a prank. She called back, and in that ensuing first conversation, she actually told him he would not be able to keep up with her during sex. She just told him to keep quiet about it, after he told her that he was a 16-year old student at her school.

The two month affair started in March 2008, and his friends knew about it. His mother got wind of the phone calls Emma was making to her son, and complained to the school. That was the start of events that would eventually lead to the disclosure of the torrid affair.

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Student sexual abuse in Malaysia

There is a first-hand narrative form a victim in Malaysia at the link below – Sexual abuse cost me my love of music. It is a must read to get a glimpse of the horror victims go through, physically and psychologically. In the victim’s own words:

“The first week he pushed me against the wall, groped me all over, grabbed at my breasts and held my face while trying to kiss me. He kept pressing himself against me. Afterwards he would say that this was our little secret and there was no need to tell anyone. He was always so gentle and kind afterwards and would be full of praise for my playing…There was nothing in the world that could ever be as bad, and so I could never be hurt by anyone ever again. More than that, the music in my soul was utterly destroyed.”

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The stats in Malaysia

In Malaysia in 2010, 2,426 rape cases were reported, averaging 202 cases per month. According to the statistics, 147 sodomy and another 1610 cases of “outraging modesty” were reported to police.

What does this indicate?

It is horrifying to read. Here is an excerpt, verbatim.

“In an attempt to determine the prevalence and extent of childhood sexual abuse, the Paediatric Department, Hospital Ipoh in the state of Perak conducted a study among a group of paramedical students at the Ipoh School of Nursing and Hospital Bahagia Medical Assistant Training School.

If the experience of the paramedical students is any guide, the reported figures are far too low. Of 616 students who took part in the study, 7 percent – one out of every 14 – acknowledged having been sexually abused as children.

Of those, 69 percent reported abuse involving physical contact, 10 percent of whom experienced sexual intercourse. In 38 percent of the cases, the victims were below 10 years old. Around 60 percent said they were repeatedly abused and 33 percent said they had suffered at the hands of more than one abuser.

Some 71 percent of the abusers were known to their victims, 14 percent of whom were brothers, 25 percent relatives, and 25 percent a family friend. The results of the study revealed that 30 percent of the participants knew of someone who had been sexually abused as a child.”

Look at the related links in this article to understand how to recognise abuse signs, and to know what action to take. It is the civic duty of every person to protect our defenseless and innocent children, who simply do not understand the nightmare that is being inflicted upon them.

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