How To Apply Malaysian Passport For Baby

How To Apply Malaysian Passport For Baby

Malaysian passport application woes are all the same: lining up at the crack of dawn, long lines, long wait, daily quotas, system offline, and ever changing processes.

Passport for baby; just the very mention of the word PASSPORT and inwardly Malaysians groan. Be it renewal or registering for a new one, the complaints are all the same: lining up at the crack of dawn, long lines, long wait, daily quotas, system offline, and ever changing processes.

Passport kiosks which use to be really convenient have not been in service for the past two years. But hey, if it makes you feel any better, some immigration department branches and UTC centres have priority lines for babies under two years of age as well as senior citizens.

Passport for baby in Malaysia

passport for baby

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As a member in the local mummies’ group on Facebook, I always see new moms raise the question on how to apply passport for baby in Malaysia over and over again. Who could blame them; nobody wants to run the risk of forgoing their turns just because of one missing thing. Malaysians are having to constantly check with Immigration Department about the latest procedures and requirements.

As of 2015, all Malaysians can enjoy a reduction in the passport fees as per below:

image source: Immigration Department of Malaysia

However, with this new reduction of the five year passport fee, this meant that the two-year passport is no longer available.

Required documents to bring:

  1. Baby’s Original Birth Certificate
  2. Mother/ Father’s Original IC
  3. Ballpoint pen just in case
  4. RM 100 (Validity 5 years)
  5. Things to entertain your baby
  6. Enough formula to last you, or a nursing cover if you’re breastfeeding
  7. If you’re going alone without the help of your spouse, I would refrain from bringing the bulky stroller. On some days it gets so cramped and crowded – I’m so glad I babywear!

Required documents to apply passport for baby

Other important details to note that is correct at point of publish (although subject to more changes in the future):

  • No need to fill forms (the officer will fill it for you) **edit: a reader commented that she still had to fill forms,
  • No need to bring photographs,
  • No need to make any copies of the documents.

Simple Steps to Apply Malaysian Passport for your Baby:

  1. Head over to any of the immigration offices in Malaysia with your baby. Only one parent need to be present to sign the forms in front of the officer. Be sure to go there early as there is bound to be a queue.
  2. ** edit : Be sure to dress your baby in darker clothing or bring along a dark coloured shawl to wrap around their shoulders for the photo taking session.
  3. Present your documents to the officer at the queue counter and you’ll be given a ‘special number’ as priority is given to infants/disabled and senior citizens.
  4. Wait for your number to be called.
  5. Present all your documents (Baby’s Original Birth Certificate, Mother/ Father’s MyKad and Form) to the Officer. The Officer will then take photo of your baby. I had to prop my daughter up into a sitting position while avoiding being included in the picture. If your baby is newborn you may have to carry him or her.
  6. Wait for your number to be called again to make payment of RM100 at the payment counter.
  7. Your baby’s Passport should be ready in 1 hour (fingers crossed). You can always ask the officer roughly when.
  8. Present Mother/ Father’s MyKad and Baby’s Birth Certificate to collect baby’s passport.

I wish all parents Godspeed and goodwill. Thank goodness we only do this once in 5 years! Recent news have warned of passport shortages and even longer waits, so do keep track of your passport’s expiry date and try to have it renewed 6 months prior to it expiring.

And of course, at the end of the day the immigration officers are regular people handling huge amounts of applications daily, so let us all try to be patient and civil to one another.

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