This is the REASON why Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan are not filing for a divorce!

This is the REASON why Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan are not filing for a divorce!

They had announced their separation in March this year

It came as a shock to everyone when celeb couple Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan separated after being married for about 18 years. While it did come as a surprise to everyone, the couple decided to first live separately for a couple of months to think about their future course of action.

Meanwhile, the two started making public appearances on and off, sometimes together and sometimes with their “rumoured” partners. But one thing everyone was puzzled about was why were they not making their separation public and filing for a divorce?


Happy bday Arbaaz ????????????...happiness always

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However, the truth is out now! The real reason why the couple has not filed for a divorce till now is because their families want them to reconsider the decision for the sake of their kids. So, due to their families’ pressure Malaika and Arbaaz have put their much-talked about divorce on hold and give their marriage a second chance.

This is why Malaika has been a part of all the celebrations at the Khan household including Ganpati this year. Salman’s sister Arpita had even shared a picture on her Instagram.

Continue reading on the next page to know why couples should give their marriage a second chance!

Couples like Malaika and Arbaaz who’ve been married for more than a decade should definitely give their marriage a second chance. Here’s why:

1.Your divorce would affect your kids: We all know that kids are the most affected by divorce and sometimes it can lead to an emotional breakdown or a period of mental pain for them. So, if you think that the reason for your separation is not solid enough for your kids, give it a thought.


Happy Sunday????

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2. Families get affected, too: Families also get affected by divorce and if you have old or ailing parents, the last thing they would want is to see you separate from your husband of 18 years, which could be the reason why Arbaaz and Malaika’s parents are not in favour of a divorce.

3. It could be a bitter experience: Sometimes during arguments and court proceedings, you might lose your temper and say each other things that would leave a bad taste for life. Clearly, your spouse was someone you were in love once, and no one would want their first love to end on a bitter note.

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