Should you have a fan in a baby's nursery?

Should you have a fan in a baby's nursery?

Find out the do's and don'ts of having a fan in your baby's nursery...

fan in a baby's nursery

Find out if it’s dangerous or beneficial to keep a fan in a baby’s nursery!

You may have planned everything down to the colour of the paint for your little one’s room, but have you ever considered having a fan in a baby’s nursery? No? Well it could just turn out to be a life-saver.

Let’s admit it, a nursery can be filled with unnecessary items, such as unwanted toys and clothes. But it’s the more important things (such as a fan) that benefit your baby’s health which can be easily overlooked.

You may be reading this and thinking, why would having a fan in a baby’s nursery even be on my wish list, and how can it aid a child’s survival rate?

We tell you why this modest and common electronic can be beneficial for your child’s health when placed in his nursery.

Decreases SIDS rates

According to the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, babies have a 72 percent less chance of dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if they sleep with a fan in a baby’s nursery than those who don’t.

Basically, a fan in a baby’s nursery enables the air to circulate more freely within the room, and is, therefore, less likely for the baby to inhale carbon dioxide that they have exhaled.

A fan, says the study, helps to increase the mix of the exhalation into the room air and improve room ventilation, which are considered very important to lessen the likelihood of SIDS.

Fan in baby's nursery

Fans may potentially prevent SIDS

Placement of a fan

Opt for a standing fan that can oscillate freely, but ensure that it is away from the immediate area of the baby’s crib and is pointed away from the baby.

This will help avoid it from being knocked or toppled over and also reduce the chance of it harming your baby. By being pointed away at an angle, it will reduce the chance of infants getting a chill.


– If you put the fan on a relatively low speed, it will reduce the noise output, lower the possibility of waking up your little one and stop keeping you up all night.

– A fan produces what is known as ‘white noise’ which can actually help your baby sleep (and stay asleep!)

– A fan in a baby’s nursery is great during our sultry Singapore days and nights to help bring down the temperature in your baby’s room. But remember not to put the fan on too fast as the baby could be in danger of losing too much body heat.

– A fan does not dry out the air like an air-conditioner does. Air robbed of its humidity may aggravate skin conditions like eczema, and respiratory issues like asthma/ wheezing in little ones.

NEVER let your child do this!

NEVER let your child do this!

Keep these safety points in mind…

– If you have a pedestal/table fan, place it well away from potential contact from the baby, ensuring there is nothing nearby that he can climb up onto in order to reach the fan.

– Make sure that all cords are out of reach from your baby.

– Invest in a fan guard, which is made out of fine mesh and fitted over the fan head to prevent little finger getting caught in the blades. This will also prevent your child from poking other objects in the blades.

– If you do buy a second-hand fan, run it through rigorous tests for health and safety. Make sure the grill is secure and the oscillator works, and the electrical works are safe as well.

– Consider fitting a ceiling fan as these are obviously placed far away from your baby’s reach.

If you do install one, ensure at least 3 to 4 feet between the tip of the ceiling fan blades and the edge of your child’s bed or other furniture, so if he’s tempted to jump on his bed or climb he won’t reach the fan.

This is especially important if your child has a bunk bed.

fan in a baby's nursery

A ceiling fan is a good alternative to a pedestal fan – but do remember to never hang anything off it and have it installed by a qualified tradesman.

– Never turn a fan into a play thing. As a kid, you may have made silly noises in front of a fan, but it’s best not to show your child how to do this as it’s a safety hazard.

– Do not hang streamers, ropes or other items from the blades of a ceiling fan. This could pose the danger of strangulation for your child.

– Clean your fan at least once a month, as dust and dirt will get trapped on the blades.

Do you have a fan in your baby’s nursery? Share your safety tips with us by leaving a comment. 

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